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-はじめに- Introduction


The Iiyama City Ski Club has two major goals. One is to develop athletes who can play an active part in the Olympics and World Championships, and the second is to promote and promote ski and snowboarding for the general public, from children to the elderly. For this reason, the activities of ski clubs have a great impact on the various fields of society, economy, culture, education, tourism, etc. Club members who are active in a wide range of activities, such as participating in competitions and obtaining qualifications as athletes, transmitting ski skills as instructors, and running the competition, have awareness and pride, fulfill their responsibilities and duties, and work for club development.

-飯山市スキークラブの歴史- History


The history of Iiyama skiing began in 1912 when Mr. Tatsuyo Kawai, Iiyama Junior High School (currently Iiyama Kita Senior High School), participated in the Ski Class of the Takada Division, and a beginning of ski of Iiyama is skiing from Myozenji. In February 1913, “Nihon Ski Club Iiyama Branch” was formed in Iiyama. This Iiyama branch became the predecessor of Iiyama Ski Club. since foundation, contributes to the spread of skis in the school education and instruction, the holding of the ski tournament and expansion of the competition population, the spread, the improvement of the ski technology and ski industry, establishment, development of the regional sightseeing

クラブ名 飯山市スキークラブ
事務局 長野県飯山市大字旭4722 飯山市民体育館内
TEL & FAX 0269-62-3290
メールアドレス mail@iiyamaskiclub.com
役員 会 長:岸田 博章
副会長:東 禎孝(総務部)
副会長:丸山 政浩(教育部)
副会長:藤本 智教(競技部)
クラブ創立 大正2年2月

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